Fishing Areas

"Know more about the the best rivers for trout fly fishing in North Patagonia, Argentina."

Brown Trout on the fly on the Chimehuin River.

Chimehuin River

Mythical and legendary waters, and icon of Patagonia Argentina fly fishing.
Migratory Brown Trout on the Limay Medio River

Limay Medio River

"Magical and mysterious Patagonia Argentina fly fishing trout waters."
Malleo River and the Lanin Volcano.

Malleo River

Being as technical as perfect, this river offers a thousand and one nuances for fly fishing in Patagonia Argentina.
Enjoying dry fly fishing in Patagonia Argentina-Collon-Cura-River

Collon Cura River

A very productive river framed in a mostly arid, typical steppe landscape.
Caleufu River white water rapids.

Caleufu River

Superb fishing and an outstanding scenery.

Alumine River

With a large concentration of fish, often witnesses great dry fly fishing.

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